What is on-site shredding?
On-site shredding is a premium service, which provides you the highest level of security for your document shredding program. With this method, Security Mobile Shredding sends our custome made paper shredding truck to your location to perform the shredding. You can visually verify the entire shredding process and have the piece of mind knowing all your paper is completely destroyed when we pull away from your parking lot.

What is off-site shredding?
Off-site shredding is a more economical alternative. With this method, Security Mobile Shredding will send a locked box truck to collect your paper. We then transfer the paper to our secured facility where it is shredded. After the shredding is complete, we send you a certificate of destruction.

Which method is better?
That depends on what is most important to your organization. If you are most interested in the highest level of security, then on-site shredding is your best option. If cost is the most important decision factor, then off-site would be preferable. Regardless of the method you choose, you can rest assured that Security Mobile Shredding will use the best security processes in the industry to collect, shred, and recycle your confidential information.

Are your employees screened?
Since we are a NAID AAA-Certified shredding vendor, Security Mobile Shredding is required to conduct rigorous background checks on all of our employees. You can rest assured knowing that only the most qualified people have access to your company's most critical documents.

What happens to the material after it is destroyed?
The paper that is destroyed is sent to a paper mill to be recycled.

Do I have to remove rubber bands, staples, paper clips or other types of paper fasteners?
No. Our shredders can handle all types of paper fasteners.

Are there any restrictions on the color or type of paper I can drop in the Security Mobile Shredding containers?
No. Sorting is not required.

What size jobs does Security Mobile Shredding do?
All sizes. No job is too big or too small -- 100 pounds or 100,00 pounds.

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